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As many of you may be considering adventures a little closer to home in the next while, we have expanded our selection of Canadian tours with dates through 2022. In addition to our existing trips to Newfoundland & Labrador, the British Columbia Coast, and the Far North, we are excited to partner with long-time Canada specialist and sister company, Anderson Adventures of Calgary, to bring you some enticing touring right here in our own backyard. Click/tap through below for full details, and scroll further for our latest Tour Leader profile!

Maritime Mosaic
Tour code: AVMM | 13 days

Nova Scotia’s Western Shores, Cape Breton and the Cabot Trail, New Brunswick and the Acadian Coast, Prince Edward Island, and the Red Beaches. Details

Eastern Panorama
Tour code: AVEP | 20 days

Ottawa, Quebec City, Saint John & Moncton, NB, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia & the Cabot Trail, Halifax, Montreal, Niagara Falls and Toronto. Details

Flavours of Quebec
Tour code: AVQC | 8 days

Majestic Laurentian Mountains, mighty St. Lawrence River, Montmorency Falls, Charlevoix Valley, Québec City, cobblestone streets of Old Montréal. Details

Ultimate Western Canada & Rockies
Tour code: AVUR | 12 days

Vancouver, Victoria, Whistler, Okanagan Valley, Jasper, Lake Louise and Banff. Details

Alaska & Yukon Explorer
Tour code: AVYK | 12 days

Whitehorse, Tok, Fairbanks, Denali, Anchorage, Dawson, Prince William Sound, Skagway. Details

Yellowknife & the Northwest Territories
Tour code: AVNT | 11 days

Edmonton, Peace River, High Level, Grande Prairie, Yellowknife & Summer Solstice Details

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As many of our travellers have been asking after their favourite Tour Leaders of late, a few weeks ago we sent a little questionnaire to all of our illustrious leaders far and wide. In the second installment of our new “Where are they now?” Tour Leader feature, we are pleased to showcase Silke Taeter, currently enjoying some downtime in Canada’s north.

Where are you now?

Whitehorse, Yukon

Where do you normally call ‘home’? (if different than above)

Whitehorse is my adopted home, but my home country, Belgium, the place where most of my family still lives, will always be home to me.

Last tour you led?

My last tour season was one of my favourites! Amongst others, I had the pleasure to lead the Spain tour and continued afterwards to Jordan and Israel. Spain has always been my favourite country, and I’ve spent many hours dreaming about moving there one day. Jordan was one of the first tours I’ve led for Adventures Abroad. The country and its people have conquered my heart in no time. I since have led several tours to Jordan, wandered the streets of Amman, marvelled at the ruins in Jerash and discovered the caves, tombs, and trails in Petra. My season ended in Israel; the country and its history are fascinating. I love its distinct character: modern Tel Aviv, layers of old stone in Jerusalem, Caesaera’s beach site ruins, and the Sea of Galilee.

If you could be anywhere else right now where would it be?

The Yukon is a great place to be in summer. June through August is the best time of the year and in times of worldwide lockdowns, it has advantages to life in a territory with twice as many moose as people. But I’d certainly would love to walk through Madrid’s lively streets and sit down at an outside table of Chocolatería San Ginés for some churros with chocolate.

How did you fall into tour leading?

Travelling has always been my passion. After coming to Canada, I searched for a job that would bring my interests together: travelling, meeting people, spending time outside. Tourism seemed the logical choice! I started tour leading in the Yukon and worked in Canada and Alaska for four years. The tours covered every aspect: culture, canoeing, hiking, and much more. But the world is too big to just spend time in just one part, so I started looking into outbound tourism. There are endless possibilities, but none of the companies sparked my interest enough to apply. Shortly afterwards, I met a gentleman who had travelled with Adventures to Cuba. His experience and Adventures Abroad’s travel philosophy were exactly what I was looking for. I wrote my resume, took a leap of faith and applied…

What do you enjoy most about tour leading?

What I enjoy most about tour leading is the human component: the interactions with travellers and locals alike. Mix an interesting group with a great destination and the fact that there is never a dull moment, and out comes the perfect job. Every day as a Tour Leader is different. A new group will make for a unique experience, even if I’ve led the tour several times already. Moreover, I like the challenge that tour leading poses. The itinerary can be meticulously planned, but there are still a million possibilities of how it will turn out. There are so many variables in a tour, so many details to think of, there is so much to learn, so much to plan -- but in the end, it always comes different than one thinks. And this makes it so special to me.

Favourite part of the world?

Latin America: stunning nature, interesting history, wonderful people and delicious food!

Biggest travel highlight?

There are too many to pick just one. Maybe driving through the Australian outback with our old 1964 VW Beetle, camping on a deserted beach in Mexico, seeing the Treasury in Petra for the first time, hiking through the jungle before climbing the Mayan pyramids of Calakmul, or cycling through Cuba. The small seemingly insignificant moments often turn out to be highlights.

Things that you never travel without?

Packing cubes: A good friend spent days convincing me to try them. It’s amazing how much more one can see when your nose is not stuck in your suitcase. Dental floss: It sounds like an irrelevant item, but I once spent days searching every single supermarket, small shop and pharmacy in Jordan without success while this imaginary piece of food bothered me between my teeth. Since then, I always pack an extra package…

Favourite food or cuisine?

Mexican! Every meal in Mexico is an explosion of different flavours. I love the different salsas to choose from and the use of spices.

Favourite airport and/or airline?

Vancouver: It’s either the first stop at the beginning of a new adventure, or the last stop on my way home (to plan and prepare the next adventure).

How many continents have you lived on?

3 – Europe, Australia, North America

Favourite travel quote?

“The journey is the destination.”

And one that I try to remember while packing: “He who would travel happily must travel light.” – Antoine de St. Exupery

A few words for our travellers:

Our next tour will be like a piece of chocolate after a diet or a sausage grilled on a campfire -- tastes so much better than usual! I’m looking forward to seeing you on the road!

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